Year: 2016

Fulfilling Positions: Kit Managers Vs. Coaches

M may have not gone into the banking business, but went into the football business, and, sure enough, after 25 years, he is still in it and the business is going stronger every year. After all, if one compares his position to that of a coach, the kit manager will always have the upper hand.

Kit Managers, Coaches and Society’s Recognition

M acknowledges that his is a rather anonymous job. In fact, very anonymous, especially in comparison to that of coaches. M sometimes dreams that, someday the UEFA gives order that the name of kit managers will also be included when they display the names of the members of a team. Like, for example, up on

The Best Football Coaches in History – VI to I

6- Pep Guardiola: Historical Barcelona coach who is now in charge of Manchester city; he simply won everything he aimed for with the FC Barcelona, coming to win six tournaments under a year’s time. the Spanish League, Cupar’s timeRey, Spanish Super Cup, Champions League, European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. 5- Jose Mourinho:

Football Coaches and Tactics Specialists

Once upon a time, no one payed much attention to football coaches. However, the football coach died when the game stopped being “just a game” and football began being referred to as professional football and thus came the need to have a tactics specialist behind professional teams. So from there on, the tactics specialist had

Uli Hoeness and Guardiola’s Encounter

Uli Hoeness and Pep Guardiola’s Encounter in NYC Uli Hoeness also explained what went down during the 3 hour conversation he had with Guardiola during their meeting. Guardiola confessed to him that he had been following closely and analyzing all the matches played by Bayern for almost half a year. He seemed to know everything.

The Story of Pep Guardiola and Bayern München

The story abut the signing of Pep Guardiola with Bayern München was worthy of a Hollywood script. The story, related by Uli Hoeness, president of FC Bayern München, to Sport Bild, includes several anecdotes worthy of a fictional setting. To begin with, Uli Hoeness revealed that Karl Heinz Rummenigge (chairman of the board of FC