Fulfilling Positions: Kit Managers Vs. Coaches

Fulfilling Positions: Kit Managers Vs. Coaches

Kit Managers Vs. CoachesM may have not gone into the banking business, but went into the football business, and, sure enough, after 25 years, he is still in it and the business is going stronger every year. After all, if one compares his position to that of a coach, the kit manager will always have the upper hand. Why would they ever give him the boot? No one can blame him if anything goes wrong with the team. There is virtually not much blame to be assigned to kit managers. Unless, of course, for example when your team is not playing a home game and you forget to bring a set of fresh jerseys, as it happened once to a kit manager from another team. So, some players had to play the second half wearing their sweaty jerseys.

Or that time when a kit manager from another team used to steal jerseys and one day they found him out because his child went to school wearing a jersey, claiming that it was the same that Messi had been wearing on the finals. But these are isolated cases. This job is also full of satisfactions. More than once, a boy, after scoring a goal and once finalized the game said on live TV or radio that he wished to dedicate that goal to me. Not many have done it, but definitely more than one. One such boy who they had nicknamed the “dog” dedicated several goals to him, on his birthday, and on several other occasions.

What happens is that, many of the boys who come from far away, are those who spend the most time at the club, because they are very lonely at first. Away from their families and friends, they long for someone to talk to. So, sometimes they stay longer after football practice, even after the coach goes home. Or they also arrive early and drink tea with him. And M is always there, come rain or shine. It is why he thinks that his role, although not properly acknowledged, is more meaningful than that of a coach.

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