Kit Managers, Coaches and Society’s Recognition

Kit Managers, Coaches and Society’s Recognition

Kit Managers, CoachesM acknowledges that his is a rather anonymous job. In fact, very anonymous, especially in comparison to that of coaches. M sometimes dreams that, someday the UEFA gives order that the name of kit managers will also be included when they display the names of the members of a team. Like, for example, up on the electronic board at the stadium when the lineup is displayed. At least, in smaller letters than the names of the players, coaches. But that they at least display them.

M’s partner always tells him that he could have achieved greater things, because he has been working in the same club for 25 years. M does not answer, but resorts to think, “how many coaches have been working with the same club for 25 years?” M’s partner is a teacher. M thinks of his job as a very spiritual one, so, in essence, not all that different from being a teacher. Not only because of the constant contact with kids from different cultures and countries around the world. But also because of all the alone time M has to spend there, which gives him plenty of space for introspection and reading.

Some people, however, say that if one is to be responsible enough and serious and professional about one’s job, then there should always be something to do; always. Greasing up the boots, changing a set of plugs, sewing back numbers, etc. Actually, that was before, when the numbers were sewn to the jerseys. Today, they are printed. M’s is a safe job tho, like working in a bank used to be back in the old days. M’s old man always told him that if he did not have an academic degree, he should try to work in a bank, since it was a highly respected job.

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