The Story of Pep Guardiola and Bayern München

The Story of Pep Guardiola and Bayern München

Pep GuardiolaThe story abut the signing of Pep Guardiola with Bayern München was worthy of a Hollywood script. The story, related by Uli Hoeness, president of FC Bayern München, to Sport Bild, includes several anecdotes worthy of a fictional setting. To begin with, Uli Hoeness revealed that Karl Heinz Rummenigge (chairman of the board of FC Bayern München) met with Guardiola in Barcelona several times during the fall.

But the actual signing of the deal went down in New York City, where Pep Guardiola has taken up permanent residence, soon before Christmas Eve in the year 2012. Pep had asked to meet Hoeness, who wanted to meet up with Guardiola at one of his favorite bars in Manhattan, where he would feel at home, but the football coach preferred to send a black limousine to the hotel Four Season on Fifth Avenue to pick him up instead. So, as Uli Hoeness and Guardiola’s brother walked into the elevator in the underground parking of Guardiola’s private residence, in an apartment building in downtown Manhattan, Hoeness could not help but think that it felt like a rather foreboding evening and he confesses that he remained unsettled until the time the multi million EURO contract was safe back in Germany.

Hoeness explained that he had brought a contract with him, signed by Rummenigge himself and that after a three hour conversation that felt like an eternity, Pep Guardiola finally asked, to Udi Hoeness’ relief, “shall I sign now?” to which he replied, while contemplating the magnificent view over Central Park and holding on nervously to a glass of red wine, that nothing would make him happier at that moment than to sign the contract for which he had flown all the way across the Atlantic. Right after that, Hoeness put the contract in a safe and it remained in there for weeks.

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