Uli Hoeness and Guardiola’s Encounter

Uli Hoeness and Guardiola’s Encounter

Uli Hoeness and Pep Guardiola’s Encounter in NYC

Uli HoenessUli Hoeness also explained what went down during the 3 hour conversation he had with Guardiola during their meeting. Guardiola confessed to him that he had been following closely and analyzing all the matches played by Bayern for almost half a year. He seemed to know everything. He asked Hoeness about issues related to training techniques, relations with the press etc. Uli Hoeness and Pep Guardiola also spoke of tactical issues, of course. Despite the mystique, Pep seemed to be a very friendly and open person and had a really nice wife. When Hoeness walked out of there, he did so knowing Pep was the right coach for them.

Back in town, when Hoeness went to dine at the place where he had originally wanted to meet with Pep, suddenly the maitre told him that there was an old friend who wanted to say hello. It was Sir Alex Ferguson. He asked Hoeness what he was doing in New York City, to which Hoeness replied evasively, that he was on a business trip, although it was definitely not a lie and said that he needed to fly to Chicago next with his son to take care of something related to the family business of sausages, which was also true.

The thing was that the signing of the contract was to be kept in secret for a few more months, so Hoeness could not have Ferguson find out so soon. As it turned out, Sir Ferguson also has an apartment in New York City, where he occasionally spends a season. Hoeness says he was really worried that Ferguson would find out and tell somebody and that the press would get a hold of the info. Also, he is happy that he did not meet with Pep out in the open.

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