What Program Should You Study If You’re Looking to Pursue a Career within FIFA

What Program Should You Study If You’re Looking to Pursue a Career within FIFA

FIFA is the big international governing body of football. Since it is a large bureaucratic body, it also employs a large variety of people. Therefore, there isn’t just one line of study you should pursue in order to work for FIFA – it all depends on your interests. For instance, you might love the game of football, but if you aren’t very skilled, it wouldn’t be wise to try to become a professional footballer. Actually becoming a professional football player isn’t a great idea anyway – it doesn’t qualify you to sit in a governing position, in the same way as you don’t see footballers run for office.

shutterstock_291690587Follow your passions

So you want to work for FIFA, but how? Well, there are many ways to skin a cat. For instance, you could consider studying to become a lawyer. There is of course a need for lawyers at FIFA to work with their rules and regulations, just like any other governing body. But keep your passions in mind, study sports law and keep up to date with what FIFA does. When it comes to selecting the perfect candidate in a qualification wise equal playing field, your passion for the sport and organisation could win you the job! For more inspiration on studying, I recommend you take a look at Ucdavisuniversity.com.

Eye on the prize

The above was simply an example of how you can take a degree and make it relevant for work within FIFA. If I was to recommend a degree, it would probably have to be management and administration. On top of that, I recommend you do voluntary work. For instance, get engaged in your local football club, maybe get onto the board of a small club and work yourself up. Generally, just make sure you are constantly involved in some kind of work with or for an organisation. This, combined with a degree in management, will surely make you a more attractive prospect for a dream job within FIFA.